The Investor Retirement visa provides self-funded retirees who are 55 years of age or older with the opportunity to live and work part-time in Australia on a temporary basis.

Investor Retirement visa applicants are required to meet financial thresholds and be of good health. Applicants must be sponsored by State/Territory Government in which you intend to settle. Currently sponsorship by Australian Capital Territory Government is not available.

To meet the financial thresholds, you must demonstrate ownership of transferable assets equivalent in value to AUD$750,000. You must have access to a minimum net annual income equivalent to AUD$65,000.You must be able to make a designated investment of AUD$750,000 to the relevant State/Territory Treasury Corporation in the State/Territory in which you have been sponsored.

You may wish to consider settling in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area as these applicants are required to meet a lower level of annual income, designated investment and settlement funds.

If you have children resident in Australia, you may have alternative visa options. Please refer to the Partner/Family Migration for information about Parent Migration on the Migration page.

Key Points of the Investor Retirement Visa:

  • You are entitled to work in Australia for up to 20 hours per week;
  • You are entitled to travel in and out of Australia multiple times as long as your visa is valid;
  • You are entitled to live in Australia for four years (renewable for an additional 4 years if you abide by the conditions of your visa and meet criteria for a further Investor Retirement Visa);
  • Holders of the Investor Retirement Visa currently have no pathway to acquire permanent residency status of Australia.
  • You are entitled to have your partner accompany you to Australia (even if you partner is under the age of 55):
  • You must have evidence that you, and your partner (if applicable), hold adequate health insurance for the duration of your intended stay in Australia.

For an assessment of your eligibility to meet criteria of the Investor Retirement Visa program, please register for our Pre-assessment Visa Service by completing our Online Enquiry Form below:

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