About Us

Australian Immigration and Trade Services Ltd liability Co (AITS) offers comprehensive visa services to clients seeking temporary or permanent visa status in Australia.

AITS is established since 1997 following the closure of the Australian Consulate, Bern, Switzerland. Susan Sandhoff, MARN 9791613, co-founder of AITS was previously engaged as the Immigration Office Manager of the Australian Consulate, Bern.

One of the most difficult aspects of relocating to Australia is deciding which visa is most appropriate to your needs and circumstances. With over 20 years of industry experience, AITS is a market leader in Switzerland and across Europe.

AITS has received more than 100,000 Australian visa applications for both private persons and highly skilled staff of multinational corporations and continues to submit well-prepared visa applications with all required documents for assessment by the Australian Immigration authorities. Susan’s legal training at University of Queensland and first-hand experience as both Immigration Officer and registered migration agent stands AITS in good stead to provide high quality visa services.

AITS consists of a team of Swiss and Australian double nationals who have themselves lived, worked and studied in Australia. Advice and guidance can be provided in English, German, French and Italian.

AITS provides visa services for no country other than Australia and has established a reputation in Switzerland as the contact point for all visa related enquiries.

In Australia, only registered migration agents or legal practitioners can legally give immigration assistance. AITS is Swiss registered company and is based in Switzerland. Our visa services are managed by in-house registered migration agents, MARN 9791613 and MARN 0318572.

Swiss travel/education agents as well as multinational corporate clients routinely refer all their visa related enquiries and work to AITS.

Visa assistance by non-registered persons at European based agencies may have limited knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures.

Susan Sandhoff, MARN 9791613
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) 1990, University of Queensland
Migration Agents Registration Number MARN 9791613
Member of Migration Institute of Australia
Member of Migration Alliance
Dual national – Australian & Swiss

“Registered migration agent”

Under Australian law, a person providing immigration assistance in Australia must be a legal practitioner or be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). OMARA is an office of the Australian Immigration authority, Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs).

Anyone who uses, or purports to use, knowledge of, or experience in visa procedures to provide advice or assistance to a visa applicant needs to be a legal practitioner or registered as a migration agent.

Requirements for registration with OMARA include citizenship, sound knowledge of migration law, English language proficiency, professional indemnity insurance, national police check, professional library including all Australian legislation relating to visa procedure.

Registered migration agents are subject to a Code of Conduct which requires agents to keep their knowledge of Australian migration legislation current and to provide accurate and timely advice to clients.

Benefits of using a registered migration agent:

  • up to date knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures
  • abiding by the Code of Conduct
  • retain client records for seven years
  • maintain professional library and direct access to current Australian visa regulations
  • undertake continuing professional development annually to maintain knowledge of visa regulations and policy
  • access OMARA’s Consumer Guide for information about the migration advice profession and consumer protection before proceeding with AITS services

Risks of using a person who is not registered:

  • may have limited knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures
  • may give incorrect advice and not meet professional standards
  • may take money without providing a visa service